This Summer, Brooklyn Boatworks (BKBW) aims to raise $50,000 to ensure that we are able to offer new programs and serve more young people than ever before through school-based boat building, summer sailing, and year-round activities for BKBW graduates during the 2019/2020 school year and summer.

Please make a gift today to support young people.

Your support helps us use the craft of wooden boat building and sailing to teach young people math, science, technology, engineering, and language arts in a structured and supportive environment.  Together with your support, and donors like you, we help young people build confidence and develop leadership skills through a team-based approach.  

 “At first I was shy, like an inside person.  And as I started going through the boat building, they [instructors] were telling my parents and me how I became open.  I started participating more.” -  Karla, BKBW graduate

“I’m back in the classroom helping build the boats. It’s given me reasons to step up, and what it’s like to really have responsibility and be accountable. . . I think it [becoming an instructor] was one of those moments where you don’t realize how much something will eventually impact your life.” -  Alyssa, BKBW graduate/current instructor

With your help we can: 

  • Ensure that young people with learning differences who haven’t found success in traditional classrooms, succeed in school through our hands-on program. 

  • Provide consecutive sailing education days to young people interested in on-water learning and becoming water competent.

  • Create new curricula for additional short and long-term boat-building projects. 

  • Open new doors of opportunity to BKBW graduates looking to enhance STEM skills and education through specialized projects, visits to STEM employers, and field trips to colleges.  

  • Offer more BKBW graduates teaching internships in communities throughout New York City, which boosts resumes, skills, and confidence.

Your gift makes a huge impact in the lives of young New Yorkers.  

Thank you for your support.

For additional information please email Executive Director Marjorie Schulman at